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Consumer Electronics Led Headlights

The furthur development of consumer electronics led headlights comes as no surprise. This is why our h1 led headlight 2500w 375000lm high beam or fog light bulb 6000k xenon white. Will give your car its best hope for a clean driving experience.

Cheapest Consumer Electronics Led Headlights Deal

The cree h4 9003 led headlight kit 23500lm 160w high low beam bulbs 6000k white is a great kit for those looking for led headlights with high performance, high efficiency, and low$$$. This kit includes three 23500lm 160w high low beam bulbs and a high $$$ 159 set of white high lighted led headlights. The kit is easy to use and requires no programming, making it perfect for automotive or home use.
this is a 4-side, 9006 hb4 2400w, 360000lm led headlights kit. It includes a pair of 4-side, 9006 hb4 2400w, 36000lm led headlights. This kit is perfect for those looking for high-power headlights with high-quality construction.
the consumer electronics led headlights conversion kit includes two hilo beam 2200w trees that can be used as headlight lights. The lights can be controlled with athe conversion kit includes two 18g princess quality lead wiring with guaranteed quality control. You will need an enclosed light house to use the lights.